Unlocking the Truth - You Can Still Qualify for ERC!

You are here because you were told by your Accountant / CPA / Other ERC Firm that you don’t qualify for ERC for 2020/2021 due to the following circumstances:​

  • ​Your business was considered an “Essential Business.”
  • You stayed open without any shutdowns.
  • You didn’t lay off any employees.
  • You didn’t experience a significant decrease.
  • You had increased revenue.
  • You had record-breaking revenue and growth.


Well, we’re here to tell you that this information is NOT correct!

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We have successfully qualified businesses in similar situations as you time and time again. We possess the knowledge and expertise to get you qualified for ERC by the Category called “Business Operation Disruption as a Result of COVID.” This Category allows businesses to qualify if they have encountered any of the following:

Partial or Full suspension of your operations.

  • Supply chain issues with equipment, supplies or vendors.
  •  Inability of suppliers to make critical deliveries in a timely manner.
  •  Restrictions or reduction of services offered.
  •  No travel, trade shows, group meetings.
  •  Limited or delayed access to business equipment or supplies.
  •  Operating with limited hours or reduced labor capacity.
  •  Inability to visit client job sites.
  • Disruption within a specific business division or department business.
  •  And many more!
Don’t let misconceptions hold you back. Reach out to us today and let us help you navigate the complexities of ERC eligibility. Together, we can uncover your ERC that you had always qualified for and deserved.

These Businesses Were Told "You Don't Qualify." See Their ERC Success Stories with Us!


Masonry / Brick Company

45 Employees

ERC = $1,025,000

Car Dealership​

110 Employees

ERC = $2,200,000


Architectural Firm​

65 Employees

ERC = $815,000



9 Employees

ERC = $145,000

Pest Control Company​

400 Full-Time / 400 Part-Time Employees

ERC = $9,000,000

Window Installation Company

12 Employees

ERC = $192,000

IT Services

14 Employees

ERC = $241,000

Property Management Company

147 Employees

ERC = $3,100,000

Cleaning Company

37 Employees

ERC = $555,000

Home Healthcare Company

75 Employees

ERC = $1,400,000

Design Firm​

46 Employees

ERC = $884,000

Solar Installation Company​ ​

110 Employees

ERC = $1,320,000

Medical Facility

163 Employees

ERC = $2,805,000

IT Service Consulting

117 Employees ​

ERC = $2,106,000

Construction Company

65 Employees

ERC = $1,150,000

Office Product Distributor​

120 Employees

ERC = $2,630,000

Government Contractor​

125 Employees

ERC = $1,450,000

Liquor Distributor​

30 Employees

ERC = $355,000

Power Generator Dealer ​

12 Employees

ERC = $148,000

Pest Control Company

8 Employees

ERC = $116,000

Architecture Design Company​

47 Employees

ERC = $884,000

Pest Control Company ​

68 Employees

ERC = $1,388,000

Tree Service Business​

110 Employees

ERC = $2,650,000

We Have Hundreds More of These ERC Success Stories! It's Your Turn to Have One!

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