CLRA Group is excited to announce that we have partnered with MBE Loan to be their Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Preferred Partner for their 100,000 + clients.‚Äč

Our objective is to help the businesses working with MBE Loan in securing substantial tax refunds through ERC. With our efforts, we strive to bring over $1,000,000,000 + in ERC funding to these businesses, empowering them to thrive and make a lasting impact within their local communities.

Welcome MBE Loan Member!

We understand the stress and uncertainty that business owners experienced during the pandemic. Our purpose is to reward those business owners who were able to navigate the challenge of serving their customers and clients while also continuing to support their employees.

Business owners deserve to maximize the tax credit which is due to them by the ERC program. While some businesses require more time and attention to qualify, we are committed not only to qualifying every business who does in fact qualify for ERC, but to also get every last dollar for your business.

Our Process

We will have a 15-20 minute video call to explain our process, answer your ERC questions and get you started in working with us.
After you have signed up with us, your own dedicated Onboarding Specialist will work with you in collecting the information.
Once our team has qualified your business for ERC, you will receive our In-house Counsel approved Qualifications Report to review.

Maximizing Your ERC:
Choosing the Right Partner is Key!

Maximizing Your ERC: Choosing the Right Partner is Key!

ERC Comparison - Numbers Don't Lie!

We understand the significance of knowing precisely who is handling your ERC filing. While it may be your trusted Accountant, CPA or even another ERC Firm, it’s critical to recognize that the majority of them often overlook potential ERC funds that could greatly benefit your business.

With our extensive range of value-added services and proven track record of delivering exceptional results, our Accountants / CPAs will handle your ERC filing on their behalf. Before submitting your ERC paperwork, get a valuable 2nd ERC Opinion from us. Don’t make the same mistake that thousands of other business owners have already made.

Get Your ERC with Us!

ERC Resource Center

Our Resource Center is tailored to meet your unique needs as a small and medium sized business, offering a wealth of resources, tools and expert guidance to help you navigate the complexities of ERC eligibility and application process.

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